Sunday, June 6, 2010

Todays LOCATION was: We drove east with Gracie and Laura to see Snoqualmie Falls and just happened to drive back through Julias brother Dylans hometown of Issaqua.
The BEST thing today was: We saw a chocolate factory in Issaquah. They had really good chocolate.
The LEAST FAVORITE thing today was: We were in the car for a while driving today. But we got to see a cool waterfall!
The WEATHER today was: Rainy and a bit chilly. The mountains still looked great when we could see them through the clouds.
The PLAN for tomorrow: Still deciding! We may just hang out in the city another day. We still havent been to the top of the space needle. Hoping for nice weather!

Another cool thing from yesterday - We think we saw the cruise ship will be on for our trip to Alaska.

So - Julia was proving all sorts of input into todays post. Now, as I look over, she is out again! Its been a fun packed couple days (of course including swimming both days) and with the time change I am surprised she made it this long today!

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  1. Love Julia's ponytail. Electrician was here today and back tomorrow.