Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday June 13 - First day at Sea

I will try and fill in one or two Alaska days along with our current day over the next week.

To start with our first day at sea. 24 hours of 18-20 foot swells. Gale force winds. Not the best way to start. Almost the entire ship was ill - including the folks that worked on the ship. They said it was some of the worst weather seen in a while. We walked by the pool in the morning but the pool was half empty because the water had sloshed out! Lets just say Julia and I were never going on another cruise! So - not much on this day. We were in the room in bed most of the day. Heres one of the only pics- I went to get a movie from the front desk around 3:oo (since they were so short staffed they couldnt deliver movies to the rooms) and was gone all of 5 minutes. By the time I got back, Julia was sound asleep and slept for 2 hours. Yet we were both still able to go back to bed at 9:00 that night!

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